Friday, August 21, 2009

As always, Dustin was thinking ahead. He decided that this gas mask would be a great addition to his ever growing army garb. He was very clear that he would be wearing this for Halloween this year.. How could I resist.. And yes, he wore it everywhere we went...LOL

In TRUE Kyle form, no trip would be complete without a little funnin' around in a costume shop. This is Kyle dressed as "Slash" from Guns and Roses... What a rocker!

Sac-o-tomato Vacation

Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to take Dustin, Kyle and Samantha to Sac for a weekend before school started... but I took them. For the most part it was great fun. We went to Old Sac, the Train Museum and the Sacramento Zoo( a little time at FUNDERLAND too...).. We even ate at Joe's Crab Shack... Dustin was in Heaven!