Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proof that I was at the Prom...LOL

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is last years picture, but he is still the determined little player. This year, he is on the Rockies team with Dustin and John is the coach.. makes going to the games even more intense. At last nights game, Kyle got to pitch for the first time.. IT WAS AWESOME. being the smallest on the team it was great to see so much power pour out of this little wonder.

Awww... another season of Little League. The weather has been great for late night games. This picture is from last year, haven't got the new ones yet, but they are on their way:) This year, Dustin played on the same team.. the Rockies.. only this year, John is the coach.. the best part of this story..... Kyle is on the same team:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prom 2009... no I was not my sons date.. I only chaperoned. It was nice to see how grown up all the kids have gotten...that doesn't even sound right, but o'well... it is what it is.

These are my "three Stooges", Bradlee, whom we have been blessed with as an extra son since February. What a great kid... not to mention he has incredible eyes... I couldn't ask for a better friend for Daniel. Candice, my CRAZY neice who has been Daniels best friend literally all of their lives. She has grown into such a beautiful young women... now if I could only a find a pill to give her to calm her down. LOL... and finally my Daniel... what more can I say about him.... he is a great son and my best friend!

Prom 2009, fun times. Although the day did not start out so hot. Saturday, May 9th we held a memorial for my nephew who at 22 years old, was murdered by a drunk friend. It was the most horrible feeling to me. I am getting ready to send Daniel off into the world and I can not even fathum getting a call telling me that my son was gone. I shutter at the mere thought of that loss. Saturday night, was senior prom and I got to chaperone. I put on my formal and got to have a great time with the kids. I am so blessed to be included in his important events.... what a great kid I have!